Devil emoji

What does the devil emoji mean?

A devil emoji is depicted as a violet color smiling face with devil horns. The devil emoji is mostly used to symbolize someone's strength, coolness, crimes, wrong actions, or desire to do something terrible. It is a common sign of someone being happy because of their enemy's failure. Besides, the devil emoji is a symbol of someone's cruel intentions or resembles evil.

In 2010, the whole world got far more mischievous when the first smiling face emoji with horns ? was introduced and approved on Unicode 6.0. The emoji is most commonly called the "devil emoji" or "happy devil emoji." That devil emoji was later added to Emoji 1.0 back in 2015. Besides these names, the devil emoji is also quite widely known as:

  • ? Devil emoji
  • ? Happy devil emoji
  • ? Devil horns emoji
  • ? Purple devil emoji
  • ? Red devil emoji
  • ? Smiling face with horns emoji (Apple Name);

How to use the devil emoji

The devil emoji ? with horns on its head undoubtedly means evil. The person who uses the devil emoji either tries to show he/she is diabolical or that he/she accepts an idea that seems funny and evil to him/her. That devilish smile emoji frequently expresses glee at something that is considered inappropriate and harmful. The devil emoji is the equivalent of an exclamation like "muahahaha." The devil emoji ? is also widely used in place of the word devil and represents a devil-like character, particularly during Halloween or about some sports mascots and fictional characters.

The devil emoji is also related to mischief and making trouble. The ? emoji is often used for pranksters and people who are not messing around. In addition to these meanings, the devil emoji is considered to be naughty. If a person is looking for a way to reveal just how playful and sexy he/she can be, he/she may use the devil emoji ?. Moreover, the devil emoji conveys mischief, excitement, naughtiness, and excellence (like slang, wicked, or immoral). The symbol can also signify just devils or devilish behavior, especially during Halloween. More suggestive and playful than its impish counterpart, a similar smiley represents the devil but with an ? angry face.

Here you can take a look at various combinations and phrases that consists of the devil emojis and other emoji sets:

  • He is happy because of her failure ?
  • He is so bad ?
  • ? vs. ?
  • She is so evil ?
  • ? ? ? – meaning: Devil wears Prada.
  • ??? ? – meaning: Sin city.
  • ? ? ⬅️️ ? – definition: Go to hell.
  • ? ?️ ? – meaning: good over evil.

How to type the devil emoji

Below you will find code points that are used to insert or type the devil emoji.

  • Shortcodes – :smiling_imp: (used via Github and Slack); :smiling_face_with_horns: (used by Emojipedia).
  • Uncode codepoint – U+1F608
  • Windows Alt-code – Alt+1F608
  • Decimal HTML Entity code – 😈
  • Hex HTML Entity – 😈
  • UTF-16 hex code – 0xD83D 0xDE08;

Devil emoji across different platforms

Generally, it is approved that emojis look different over multiple platforms. Like OS, PC, or gadgets' manufacturer, each device and web service creates individually styled designs according to the company's vision and style. You can identify how the devil emoji ? looks like on the most popular and widely used platforms in the above image.

For instance, Google has designed red devil emoji, while Facebook uses devil emoji with green eyes and black horns. These two platforms previously depicted orangish-red emoji characters, with Samsung a sharp snaggletooth, and Google once featuring a frown. Concerning, Microsoft it still features a red-faced devil emoji, as did Google and Samsung right until they brought their emoji-style far more in line with Apple's smiley devil emoji back in 2017. Regardless of the design and the color, the devil emoji suggests a naughty prankster or a mischievous person.