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How to use DeltaNet?

Generally speaking, Deltanet is the company's internal website, which is a high-performance tool created to give Delta customers immediate access to the company news, events, and information they need to be updated and maximize productivity.

If you want to access DeltaNet, you should visit the following link at and Log in by using your PPR (which is mostly 9 digits, in the form of “0xxxxxx00”). Note that you will be asked to provide a Delta Passport to be enabled to access the website. If you used to gain access to DeltaNet via using VPN, then you may use your employee ID together with its password that you used before. The system can also ask, what is Delta PPR? Hence, you should be aware of the fact that the PPR stands for the Primary Pass Rider (i.e., Delta Airlines).

How to use Delta Travelnet?

Users of Deltanet’s Travelnet application should log into www and then choose the Travelnet link. Once doing so, the default search option will appear and show “All Direct Flights.” For further options, Deltanet users can change the search engine parameters to “All Flights." As soon as you switch to All Flights, you will be able to see available flights with connections and all current direct flights. registration, login and passwords

Registration on is available only for those who are Delta employees, authorized contractors, retirees, and vendors. Any unauthorized access to will be immediately prosecuted to the most extent of the law. For access, users should use:

– Delta user ID

– Together with the 9-digit PPR number (also called Delta Passport ID)

– And the account’s password which is used to enter the system.

Those Delta users who get through the TravelNet or DeltaNet will be able to use the same sign-on account credentials. For users authorized to register, it may be needed to provide a PIN from their HR department first.

How to change DeltaNet password?

Here are some instructions on how to change a password:

Step 1 – To reset the Deltanet password you should first access its website at www;

Step 2 – Once you access the Password Account Self Service website, you will need to select “Delta Passport” from the given list of accounts.

Step 3 – Then tap on the "Change Password" button.

Step 4 – Now enter your password in the two spaces given.

Step 5 – After that click "Submit".

Step 6 – A confirmation notification with a green check will then appear which will indicate success. Note: A red "x" depicts that the Deltanet users will be asked to repeat the process with a different password.

If you forgot your Deltanet account password, you should enter your Delta Passport ID and press on "Forgot Password". Thoe Deltanet users who have set up required security questions will be asked to enter their answers. However, those users who have not set up the security verification questions previously then will be required to provide their two-digit day and two-digit month of birth. To set up Deltanet account security questions, you should:

– Follow the instructions displayed on the setup screen.

– Your answers must not exceed one word.

– There should not be used any spaces between letters.

– Once submitted, if you face any error, immediately make the proper changes and resubmit. access, devices, and log out

You should be aware of the fact that some devices such as particularly those that use Microsoft operating systems are enabled to access DeltaNet and its application like TravelNet, even though the customer experience with a mobile phone device is not optimal. At this time, the Deltanet IT Help Desk Support does not provide support for gaining access to the platform via personal mobile devices.

Deltanet users must log out of DeltaNet right before they close the web browser, which is especially necessary when using a public computer. By logging out of DeltaNet and then closing the web browser you ensure that your private information and Deltanet's internal electronic environment is kept safe and secure.