Daily mail rewards login

About Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is a British daily middle-market newspaper published in a tabloid format based in London. The newspaper was founded in 1896 and is recognized as the highest-circulated daily newspaper within the United Kingdom. The sister paper of the Daily Mail newspaper is known as "The Mail on Sunday." The Mail on Sunday was initially launched in 1982.

Meanwhile, Irish and Scottish editions of the daily newspaper were established in 1947 and 2006. The newspaper's content appears right on the MailOnline website, although the web page is managed and monitored separately and has its editor.

What is the Daily Mail Rewards Club

The Daily Mail Rewards Club is considered as a loyalty scheme since its readers can get rewarded in points for buying the Daily Mail. On the back of per Daily Mail newspaper and Sunday Mail paper, people can find unique numbers or so-called unique code that they can later redeem for "Nectar" points. Daily Mail readers may claim a maximum of up to 80 Nectar points per week. To reach such an amount of Nectar points, readers have to buy the Daily Mail newspaper at least five times and claim five times in one week to receive their 30 bonus Nectar points, taking their weekly total to up to 80 points.

Daily Mail Rewards Club account login page

In order to login to the Daily Mail Rewards account page, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Go to the My Mail web page.
  • Step 2 – Click the "Sign in" button.
  • Step 3 – Enter your email address and password.
  • Step 4 – Click the "Sign in" button.

How Daily Mail Rewards Club unique numbers work

Daily Mail generally prints a Unique Number right on the back page of each copy of the Mail paper. Readers should enter that number directly into their My Mail account every day and watch the balance grow. Except for collecting Nectar points with Mail, readers can also have the chance to boost their balance by ordering more than 500 other Nectar partners, such as Sainsbury's. The user's My Mail and Nectar accounts must be then linked to taking full benefits of all of the services, offers, and rewards that DaMailmail provides.

Besides, if the reader is a subscriber of "The Ultimate" or the "Premium Pack," then he/she will typically have the chance to collect Nectar points. It is possible per time he/she enters a Daily Mail Unique Number, i.e., on Monday to Friday gains 5 Nectar points, on Saturday gets 10 Nectar points, and on Sunday collects 15 Nectar points. The Nectar points the reader will be automatically doubled and then credited right to his/her linked Nectar account by the 21st day of the following month.

Suppose the reader is also a subscriber of The Digital Edition. In that case, as there are no Unique Numbers available in The Digital Edition, the reader will be credited with up to 50 Nectar points right to his/her linked Nectar account by the 21st day of the following month. If the reader is not a subscriber to one of the newspapers mentioned above editions, he/she will have the opportunity to collect Nectar points. It is possible per time he/she enters a Unique Number, i.e., on Monday to Friday up to 5 Nectar points, on Saturday up to 10 Nectar points, and Sunday around 15 Nectar points.

How to create a Daily Mail Rewards Club account

If you are not a member of the Daily Mail Rewards Club yet, then follow the below-listed steps get started:

Step 1 – Press the "Get Started" button right below to "Create a MyMail account."

Step 2 – Next, link your MyMail account directly to a Nectar account. If you have already joined Nectar's membership, you should type your Nectar card number and Nectar password.

Step 3 – Link all your Daily Mail accounts by typing the last 11 digits of your Nectar card number as well as your Nectar password, then click on the "Login" button. New Nectar members will immediately be given a personal card number as part of the registration process.

Where to find My Mail Rewards?

In order to find My Mail Rewards, or your "Favorite Rewards" section together with the best offers and options from the Daily Mail, you should go right to the category called "Offers." The process is relatively easy since you can quickly find the list in the Navigation bar above. You must click on the tab and then have a browse.

What is included in the balance shown at the top of the My Mail page?

In the balance shown at the top of the My Mail page, your combined MyMail and Nectar balance information and details. Users can check their My Mail account anytime and anywhere to see how many Nectar points they have gained and collected with MailMail. Also, users may need to check their Nectar account to see the points they have collected from other Nectar partners.