Cross emoji

Cross emoji and its use

Generally speaking, a cross is a religious symbol, which many Christian people wear in the form of necklaces designated like this:☿, also pray "via" crosses. This sign resembles the connection to the almighty God in Protestant and Christian cathedrals and churches.

As for non-religious or, let's say for non-christian uses, the cross symbol, designated like this: ✙ is often used as a logo of a local pharmacy, or even for an emergency medical car. As for religious usage, the cross sign is one of the most prominent religious symbols nowadays. In this article, you will learn more about cross emoji styles, and you will learn some tips to insert the cross emoji. Moreover, you can directly copy-paste any below-listed crosses you find here.

Cross emoji meaning

Cross is a word derived from Latin "crux," a Roman torture device mainly used for crucifixion. A cross is a widely accepted and utilized geometrical figure with two bars or lines perpendicular to each other and dividing one or two of those lines in half. The cross lines typically run horizontally and vertically. If the cross lines run obliquely, the cross's design has technically termed a saltire, although the saltire's arms do not meet at right angles.

Different types of cross emoji

Each cross emoji has slightly different visuals and names. E.g., the Latin cross emoji was approved in 1993 as part of Unicode 1.1, and in 2015, it was added to Emoji 1.0; in the same years, the Orthodox cross emoji was also approved as part of Unicode 1.1 and added to 1.0. In this part, you will learn more about the various styles of cross emoji:

✚ Massive Greek cross emoji - It is called Greek cross emoji are consisting of arms with equal length. The Greek cross symbol is one of the most popular Christian forms, and its usage dates back from the 4th Century.

✞ Shadowed white Latin cross emoji - It is also named Christian cross emoji. That cross emoji is frequently referred to as a symbol of Christianity since it resembles the cross of Jesus’ crucifixion.

✠ Cross emoji – That cross emoji-style is called Bolnisi cross since it is considered to be taken from an old ornament in Bolnisi Sioni Church. That sign is the national symbol of Georgia, and its usage dates back from the 5th Century. Others include:

✟ Outlined Latin cross emoji;

✛ Open center cross emoji;

✜ Massive open center cross emoji;

✝ Latin cross emoji;

☦ Orthodox cross emoji (Unicode U+2626);

☨ Cross of Lorraine sign;

☩ Cross of Jerusalem sign.

How to type a cross emoji on the keyboard

If you want to insert or type the cross emoji, you can do it right from the keyboard. For instance, all you will need to do in windows is search for the Unicode point characters and, overall, the emoji's encodings you want to type. You may use the Symbols tab in MS Word to select your preferred emoji. The most comfortable and most convenient way to create the cross emoji is to use the Copy and Paste options or the keys "Ctrl + C" for copy and "Ctrl + V" for paste.

How to type a cross emoji using Alt codes

Another way to type the cross emoji is to use Alt codes. You can create the cross emoji symbols via using its Alt Codes. All you will need to do is to hold the Alt key and then type the following series of numbers/codes using the number pad on the keyboard. Below you can see Alt codes used to insert the cross emoji:

  • To insert † use code 0134;
  • To insert ✝ use code ✝
  • To insert ✟ use code ✟
  • To insert ✞ use code ✞
  • To insert ✟ use code ✝
  • To insert ☩ use code ☩
  • To insert ☦ use code ☦
  • To insert ⁜ use code ⁜
  • To insert ☨ use code ☨
  • To insert ☩ use code ☩
  • To insert ♰ use code ♰
  • To insert ♱ use code ♱
  • To insert ✚ use code ✚
  • To insert ✠ use code &#10016.