Craigslist san diego cars and trucks for sale by owner

How to use Craigslist to find out cars and trucks for sale

Craigslist is an American-based and a San Francisco community electronic newsletter, which is commonly used throughout the globe and is categorized as one of the most frequently visited English language websites. is a website that can be accessed from any part of the world, either from your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Craigslist covers almost all categories that users often search for, it consists of housing, apartments, forums, job postings, household items, different items for sale, local services and personals.

Craigslist's founder is Craig Newmark together with CEO Jim Buckmaster who initially aimed to offer members or users, in general, a helpful, easy to use, noncommercial platform to connect with various people in their communities. Note that it is free of charge to post any ads or listings on, and besides, it is also free to browse, respond, and comment on ads.

If all you wish to do is to browse Craigslist, you can simply open its website at www and select options to search for. The website provides a wide selection of broad categories, and each category has additional subcategories that overall make it easy for users to navigate to the right section within a few seconds. For instance, if you want to find cars and trucks available for sale, you should go to the "for sale" category and take a look through its subcategories that cover the following options, such as books, computers, electronics, cars, trucks, sporting, furniture, motorcycles, collectables, and many others. You select the one you are interested in, in that case, you should select cars and trucks for sale.

Note that most advertisements on Craigslist include the member's or in other words, the post owner's e-mail address and contact details. Craigslist provides a function that masks e-mail addresses so that users of Craigslist do not have to worry about the safety and security of their personal information, such as an address, that thanks to this function are not openly available for everyone. In addition, all transactions on Craigslist are among the person who posted the advertisement (e.g., owner, dealer, etc.) and the person replying to it. It is also important that users are aware of the fact that generally Craigslist's employees do not get involved in any communication, transactions or discussions unless a member or someone reports a problem and raises a ticket for help.

What are available San Diego cars and trucks for sale by owner on Craigslist?

In this section, you will find some available ads about San Diego cars and trucks for sale by the owner. Take a look through the images, descriptions, and condition details of each car and truck that you might be interested in. Here are some examples to show you how search results are displayed on Craigslist once you indicate San Diego as the desired location, for sale - as a category, and cars and trucks as a subcategory.

This is how Craigslist shows you search results. You should tap on the ad you are interested in, then the site will immediately take you to a new web page where you will learn more about the car or truck you selected.

This is the 2018 Chevy Malibu Redline Edition model which costs $17,500 (seen on 29 June 2021, on The car is available in San Diego. The ad is listed up for sale by the car owner. According to the owner's description, this 2018 Chevrolet malibu is new, in good condition and runs greatly. The car has 4 cylinders and its drive type of FWD.

This 2018 Chevy car uses gas as fuel, has covered around 46,597 miles (odometer). It is a pained silver colour. The car is a full-size type, has an automatic transmission and is a part of sedan cars. For further details, members can connect with the owner through Craigslist, the owner's email address, or mobile phone number, depending on which contact details are shared by the post author.

Another alternative is the 2007 Honda CRV LX model car available in San Diego. Check the images below. There are 23 images in total uploaded on Craigslist.

The owner shows almost every angle of this 2007 Honda CRV LX car, and according to these photos, the car is truly clean and well maintained. The price for this Honda is $7,800 (seen on 29 June 2021, on www Here are some details that potential clients should take into consideration:

‣ Car condition: excellent, super clean

‣ Number of cylinders: 4 cylinders

‣ Fuel: gas

‣ Covered miles/odometer: 105000

‣ Car paint colour: custom

‣ Car title status: super clean

‣ Car transmission: automatic

‣ Car type: SUV.

In the above image, you can see 2010 Lexus listed up for sale in San Diego cars and trucks for sale results which costs $8,500 (seen on 29 June 2021, on www The ad is posted by the car owner. On its post, you can find a short description informing the potential buyers that the car is in excellent condition.

This 2010 Lexus is pained in gold colour and comes with a tan leather interior. There are no issues with this car mechanically. The truck runs great, its interior is clean, in a good condition, while the exterior is normally worn and tear. The car comes with new high-quality floor mats together with everything needed to do a tune-up (that cost around $200 for the owner to buy for all the necessary items) and the owner offers to include them if a buyer wants them.

Check the following details before purchasing this car:

‣ Number of cylinders: 6 cylinders

‣ Type of drive: fwd

‣ Type of fuel: gas

‣ Number of covered miles/odometer: 120,000

‣ Car paint colour: custom

‣ Car size: full-size

‣ Car title status: clean

‣ Car transmission: automatic

‣ Car type: sedan.