Craigslist pa pets

Overview of Craigslist

Craigslist is an online advertising website that is based in the United States of America and provides a wide selection of listings listed up for sale every day by thousands of users, both owners and dealers. The ads which are posted on Craigslist are mainly classified advertisements with individually designed sections, categories and subcategories devoted to jobs, items for sale, housing, rent, houses for sale, cars and motorbikes for sale, various items wanted, household, technique, computers, electronics, different services, community services, gigs, pets, travel, résumés, as well as discussion forums.

How to find PA pets on Craigslist Philadelphia

If you are looking for pets to adopt, then you can give them a try on Craigslist ads, where daily more and more listings are appearing. To find the best option for you, you need to visit its official website at www and indicate the area, a location that best suits your needs, budget and preferences. Craigslist allows you to look for the items in nearby areas so that you can enter the location you want. In this section, you will find more information about available posts about pets on sale in Philadelphia.

Here is an ad posted on 12.07.2021 announcing that Kittens are listed up for sale in need of Rehoming. These kittens are available in Philadelphia and the area location is also indicated on the right-hand side of your screen where you can tap on the map and see the route. Here are photos to view:

There are overall 8 images uploaded within this post. The owner gives a short description announcing that he/she seven kittens in need of a forever home. These kittens are potty trained. Four of them are boys and three are girls, all seven kittens are 8 weeks old. They are described as being extremely energetic, friendly and clean. In the above image, viewers can also see their parents. The owner of these kittens asks probable clients to contact him/her through texting him/her if they want to view more videos or pictures of each gender kitten. The owner did not mention the price for each kitten, so for more information, you should contact and find out more details.

If you are looking for random pets, then you may become interested in these gorgeous holland lop babies (ad posted on 12 July 2021, available on Craigslist at West Chester). Here you can take a look through some images:

There are overall 15 images of 4 gorgeous holland lop baby rabbits for adoption. These rabbits are described as being super friendly, clean and lovely and are amazing pets. The owner writes that they are easygoing and easy to handle rabbits. The owner did mention the price for each holland lop baby so for more information, it is better to ask the owner and find out more.

If you are a dog lover, then you can check out the German Shepard post uploaded on 12 July 2021, on Craigslist. The puppy is available in Philadelphia. Below you can see a picture of this puppy:

It is a black German Shepard, female, light blonde, 7 years old dog who is described to be aggressive for strangers and friendly for the family. It is a Bentley German Belgian mix black with blonde undercoat, has high energy and needs a lot of attention. The dog is vaccinated. For more information, the owner encourages clients to contact directly him/her.

Craigslist PA Pets available in Pittsburgh

If you are looking for birds, parrots, etc., then you can check the following concurs available for sale on Craigslist (seen on 12 July 2021). Check the image below:

There are overall four images of these two varieties of conures available for sale, they are hand-fed and weaned right onto millet and pellets. For more information, you can check the ad and contact their owner.

Here are Akc English bulldog puppies listed up for sale on 12 July 2021, on Craigslist available in Pittsburgh. Check out the images below:

There are 7 images in total. These puppies are ready to go for July 29th, they are 8 weeks old. The owner is open to taking deposits even now. The owner sells 4 tricolour/ merle boys, out of which 1 is blue, 2 are red and sable, and 1 is black tri (runt). If you are interested, you can send a message for videos, or pictures of parents as well as for individual puppies. The owner also offers video calls to enable you to see the pups and parents in better quality.

Here are some details you may need to know: puppies are Akc papers, are vet health certified and checked, have made Utd vaccinations as well as worming tests right before leaving the owner’s home. Besides, the owner has prepared a military / Police/ firefighter/ EMT / important discounts to show the support for these dogs as they are their family members. They also have prepared contracts that better explain the program along with state laws to keep clients secure, safe and informed. There is no price listed within this ad, so if you want to find out the cost for each English bulldog, try to connect with the owner. As the owner mentions in his/her description, they are located in Central PA and provide delivery up to 6 hours away for an added fee.