About Citibank

Generally speaking, Citibank is the consumer department of multinationals, financial service Citigroup. In 1812, Citibank was established under the name of the City Bank of New York. Later, it became the First National City Bank of New York. The Citibank has around 2,649 branches in up to 19 countries, including 723 branches in the United States and approximately 1,494 branches in Mexico run by its subsidiary Banamex. The United States Citibank branches are located in six, main metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami. Aside from the United States and Mexico, most of the bank's branches are situated in Poland, India, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.


If you have recently received a Citibank credit card or a debit card in the mail, then you should get the card activated right before you can use it for purchases. It is noteworthy to mention that Citibank provides various ways to activate its branded credit and debit cards. All that the cardholders must do is select the option that they feel most related and comfortable using, and follow some easy steps, covered in the below sections.

Note that, activating the Citibank credit card or debit card is easy no matter which option the user selects. For instance, if you decide to use the app, then you will even have to set up your Citibank account for online access. That way, you as a Citibank cardholder, will be enabled to manage your card, see usage information, and pay your bill whenever you need it.

How to activate Citibank credit card or debit card online

If you want to activate your Citibank debit or credit card online, then the activation process is quite simple to do. First of all, you should head over to Citibank's activation page. Go to the official website of Citibank at www As soon as you visit the site, there you will be required to type the 16-digit card number right from the front of your Citibank debit or credit card.

On subsequent pages, you may also need to type the following information, such as:

  • Your full name as it appears on the Citibank debit or credit card.
  • The 3-digit security code right from the signature panel on the back of the Citibank debit or credit card.
  • Your social security number.
  • Your date of birth.

The main reason you have to enroll in so much information and details is that Citibank may verify that you are the cardholder. It is to prevent any unauthorized users and fraud from activating your Citibank card and using the card to make fraudulent purchases.

How to activate Citi card by mobile phone

If you wish to activate your new Citi debit or credit card by mobile phone, be wary that the process is easy. First, you need to search for the Citi card's activation phone number, which will be situated on a sticker affixed right to the front of the Citibank card. The activation digits usually differ depending on which particular Citibank debit or credit card you owe. Ensure to call the number directly from the phone line connected to your Citibank debit/card account. Doing so speeds up the activation process since the activation system will be enabled to partially identify you as a Citibank authorized cardholder based on that specific number.

Depending on that identification, you as a cardholder may be prompted to provide the last 4 digits of your card number to activate it. If the system requires even more information to identify you as a cardholder, note that what is needed will be the same details listed in the section above about online activation.

Once you follow the voice prompts and enter the needed details, the system will immediately let you know that the Citi card has been activated and is ready to use for purchases. If you are still experiencing some difficulties with your Citi card activation by mobile phone using the number on its sticker, then you may call the customer service line at 1-800-950-5114.

How to register or activate the Citi Mobile App

One of the best features of the Citibank debit or credit cards is that you become enabled to use a handy mobile application to run the account associated with them. You may also use the application in order to activate your Citi card as soon as you get it in the mail. To do so, first, you will need to download the Citi mobile app on your device. Note that you can do it via texting "App50" to 692484, or even by visiting your preferred device's app store.

As soon as you have the app downloaded, open it, and select the option to register or activate a Citi debit/credit card. After that, you will need to select the account type that best suits your Citibank card. Then you will have to use your device's camera in order to take a photo of the front side of your new Citi card. If you prefer to provide the information by hand, then you may choose that option and type in your Citi card number, date of birth, security code, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Next, the application will immediately send you a one-time security code via phone, email, or SMS message. Then, you should provide the code by entering it into the app after which you must choose a username and password for your account. Also, you will need to answer some security questions just to secure your account.

How to find out that my Citibank Card is activated?

Once you finalize the activation process, you will receive a confirmation email that your Citibank card is active and ready to use. You may test the card by visiting any Citibank ATM or even by purchasing at the retailer. If there is any problem related to your Citibank card's activation process, you can immediately call the customer service number which is listed on its back to receive further assistance.