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About George Brown College (GBC)

George Brown College (GBC) of Applied Arts and Technology is a publicly owned entity, recognized as the fully accredited college of applied technology and arts along with three campuses based in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Like various other colleges in Ontario, the George Brown College GBC was founded in 1966 by the government of Ontario. The college was opened the next year in 1967. The George Brown College (GBC) provides a full selection of programs in early childhood education, art and design, community services, business, preparatory studies, construction and engineering technologies, hospitality and culinary arts, health sciences, as well as specialized services and programs for international and immigrant students.

The GBC college provides around 35 diploma programs, with 31 advanced diploma programs along with eight-degree programs, one in partnership with Ryerson University. There are an additional 27 certificate programs, 10 apprentice programs, five pre-college programs, and approximately 28 graduate certificate programs available at the college's full-time options. Besides, the GBC holds about 193 education designations and certificates. Currently, at GBC, there are approximately 25,888 full-time students, out of which around 3,553 are international students, and about 3,729 part-time students. Also, there are listed 62,840 continuing education students.

Furthermore, it can be mentioned that George Brown College has around 15,000 distance education students who are currently studying in more than 35 countries worldwide. The most popular GBC distance education program provided is the college’s award-winning – Electronics Technician program, which is developed by Dr Colin Simpson.

In 2012, George Brown College was named after one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers. Later in 2014, George Brown College has been categorized as the third-best research college across the country, where the college managed to take 19 level place in the rankings from the previous year. Research Infosource, which generally publishes yearly ranking reports on development and research at institutions throughout Canada, released the results for the top 50 colleges as of October 22, 2014. The GBC led around 16 Ontario colleges by attracting more than $9.3 million of research funding as of the 2013 fiscal year.

How to log in to Blackboard GBC

If you want to login to the George Brown College student portal, i.e., to the Blackboard GBC learning system, you will first need to go to the www bb-GBC blackboard com website. To sign in to your student account you should append to your User ID, for instance, a student with StuView User ID, e.g.m 123456789 would use the following email address: 123456789 @georgebrown ca. Besides, students will need to provide their StuView password. Once you enter both account credentials, you should click on the “log in” button and follow the instructions displayed on your screen (if any).

Here is useful information for all new Blackboard GBC users:

  • You can use your Stu-View account credentials, i.e., username and password to login to Blackboard GBC.
  • In order to sign in you must append right to your User ID e.g. if a student’s StuView User ID is 123456789, then he/she would use 123456789 @georgebrown ca along with his/her StuView password.
  • If a GBC student is not capable of logging in to his/her Blackboard GBC, then he/she should reset the account password. To do so, you should request to reset a password that will be directed to the self-serve website. You need to contact the GBC Contact Centre (dial at 416-415-2000 or Extension 2000 within the GBC College), or call Helpdesk (at 416-415-5000 ext. 4357 or send an email at helpdesk @georgebrown ca).

Information for existing Blackboard GBC users:

  • Account passwords will be the same until a student is required to update or change the IDM password. At such a point, the Blackboard GBC account password will be automatically updated with IDM password and thereafter the user will have to log in to Blackboard GBC with his/her IDM password (that can be an email address, Stu-view, Banner, etc.)
  • Student can request to change a blackboard GBC password by contacting the self-serve website. For instance, you can contact the Contact Centre (dial 416-415-2000 with Extension 2000 to reach the College), or Helpdesk (dial 416-415-5000 with ext. 4357 or send an email at helpdesk @georgebrown ca).
  • IDM password will have to be changed every 120 days for staff and per year for Students.
  • Password update reminders are automatically sent out one month before the expiration date. These emails are sent to the students and staff, individually, to their George Brown College (GBC) email addresses.

How to change your password in Blackboard GBC

Blackboard GBC Learn gives students a chance to get a personalized view of their learning distance environment. Students can access the portal via menus next to your name in the main page header. The User menu gives access to student's courses and their settings, for example, text size and other personal details. Generally speaking, the Blackboard GBC suggests that students change their password from time to time to ensure the safety and security of their accounts. Remember, you do not need to use personal details as your password, or as your name.

Step 1 – From the global navigation menu, you should find and then click on the Settings option and then select the Personal Information category. You can also access Personal Information right on the Tools panel.

Step 2 – Then, on the Personal Information page, you need to choose the Change Password button.

Step 3 – On the Change Password page, you should type a new password for the GBC account. The password should contain at least one character and no spaces. Blackboard GBC passwords may include a maximum of 32 characters.

Step 4 – Now you need to type the password again to ensure its accuracy.

Step 5 – That is all, click on the Submit button.