Bedford college moodle

Background of Bedford college

Bedford College is a high education college based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England. The college is part of the Collab Group of high performing schools. Since World War II, various higher education courses have been added to the Cauldwell Street campus, which was the part of the Bedford College. The college's six-story tower block was established on June 19, 1959, after which the college became commonly known as Mander College of Further Education. The Bedford college was later named after Sir Frederick Mander, the Chairman of Bedfordshire County Council, during the tower's construction. The college's building was erected at around £ 282,510, and up to £ 4,085 for external works.

In 1976 the Bedford college joined two teacher training institutions and formed the split-site Bedford College of Higher Education. Until 1992 the Bedford college remained in that form while the Further Education colleges became independent entities separated from local education authorities. Bedford College was finally formed as a Further Education Institute staying at the Cauldwell Street campus to concentrate on its provision within the educational sector. The Bedford college's academic areas were separated in 1994, after which the Bedford campus of De Montfort University was founded. However, later it merged with the University of Luton to form known the University of Bedfordshire.

Currently, Bedford College continuous to hold the Higher Education division and offers many select teaching qualifications and foundation degrees in association with the University of Bedfordshire.

About Moodle Bedford College

Bedford College Moodle is the Virtual Learning Environment shortened as VLE. The VLE is an online learning platform that gives Bedford College students access to information regarding their courses and study programs. Bedford College Moodle enables its students to collaborate and communicate with each other and their tutors. The Bedford college VLE platform also offers access to course materials and resources to support students' learning.

Bedford College students can use Moodle in order to find out more about their courses' syllabus, course handouts, notes, materials, deadlines, and assessments. Besides, Bedford College Moodle provides access to several discussion boards, group meetings, and chat rooms, all via the system. When a student enrolls and joins Bedford College, he/she will immediately get his/her personal Moodle account and will have an email account too.

Through this email account, students can join the Bedford College Moodle system to communicate with fellow students, tutors, and even friends outside of college. Bedford College Moodle and email account can be accessed directly from College computers and through the Internet browser from home, local library, or some internet cafes. Be wary that Bedford College Moodle can only be used and access by the Registered College staff and students.

How to log in to Moodle Bedford college

In order to log in to the Bedford college Moodle portal, you will need to go to the www moodle Bedford ac UK web page. On the main page of the official website of Moodle Bedford College, you will find a login section. Here, students are required to enter their Bedford College student account username and password. Once these account credentials are entered in the fields, you must click on the "Log in" button.

Students must be informed that the www moodle Bedford ac UK website uses cookies, and hence, all cookies must be enabled in students' browse. The website uses only one session cookie that is generally called Moodlesession cookies. That is the cookie that students should enable to remain logged in to their accounts for further use and entrance. Once the student leaves the site and logs out, the cookie destroys both the browser and the server.

If it is a student's first time logging in the Bedford College Moodle system, he/she should be aware of the recommended web browsers, that include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer (version 9+)
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Also, note that you will need to respond "No" answer to any messages that continually pop up asking whether or not you wish to save your account information (such as username and password) when logging into a Bedford College computer.

What happens when registered staff or students cannot log into the Bedford College Moodle system? Here are some problem-solving tips:

  • As a Bedford College student, you will have to contact your tutor to ask for a password immediately resets for your account security reasons.
  • The Bedford College tutors are better placed to check and verify the identity of a student.
  • Note that your college tutor will also request you to contact IT Support at IT support @bedford ac UK email address so that they can reset your Moodle account.

About the Bedford college Learning Resources center

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) provides Bedford College students with different learning zones for various study types. There is a so-called Quiet Study Area, and a Group Study Area intended for students to help prepare for projects and assignments. The LRC holds more than 30,000 items such as journals, books, DVDs, and other e-books and e-resources. The center also offers access to Macs, PCs, and netbooks, and free Wi-Fi access whenever the LRC is open. Out of LRC hours, students can only access online library services remotely 24 hours per day and seven days per week via the Bedford College Moodle system.