Asda walmart one uk

How to login to Asda Walmart one UK

Users of Asda Walmart, one UK, have to enter their Asda PC/SMART details to log into the website. To ensure you can continue to login to Asda Walmart, one at work. Via your device, you should follow some steps to set up "Self Service Password Reset" (only for home offices and depots) and "Two-Step Verification" since these both require setup while on the Asda Walmart network.

Here are some login details that Asda Walmart one UK colleagues are required to enter to access the site at work:

  • Retail colleagues should use their Asda UserID with a smart password to login to the website.
  • Home Office and Depot colleagues should enter Asda UserID and password, which is the same as their laptop or PC login.

Two-step verification login to Asda Walmart one UK

Two-Step Verification (2SV) is a rotating six-digit code mainly used with the standard Asda login. The digit code may be provided as a phone call, text, or app. If Asda Walmart, one UK user, wants to join the WalmartOne platform on a personal device (such as a mobile phone), they will need to enter that 2nd code when prompted to ensure the platform's data is kept safe. However, users must be wary that if they are using Workplace by social networking sites like Facebook on a personal device, then they could already have the setup and will not need to set it up again.

Follow these instructions:

  • Users should visit the Asda network on the Symantec VIP 2 Step Verification page.
  • Users must then log in with their Asda PC user ID and password and ensure that the United Kingdom is selected.
  • Users must ensure their name is in the top corner. If not, they should log out and log in again.
  • Next, users should choose one of the options available, voice call, text message, or app. In that way, the system will provide users with the six-digit code when logging into Asda Walmart one UK on a personal device in the future.


  1. If the user chooses text messaging, he/she must select his/her country code first, then enter the telephone number without the 0 in front. Next, he/she must hit the send code to verify the phone number. Finally, he/she will get a six-digit code that should be entered. Then click "submit."
  2. If the user chooses a voice call, he/she should select the country code first, then enter the mobile number without the 0 in front. Next, he/she must re-enter the same phone number repeatedly and submit.
  3. If the user selects the app, he/she must download the VIP Access app via the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once downloaded, the user will be immediately asked to enter the credential ID along with a security code from the app. Then press om "submit."

How to reset Asda PC password

Microsoft Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) allows Asda Walmart one UK users to reset their Asda PC password by themselves, which is the same as their WalmartOne password. Note that the SSPR platform can only be used for home offices and depots. Microsoft Self Service Password Reset tool is highly helpful if the user ever forgets his/her password.

To see how SSPR works, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Asda network to set up - Microsoft SSPR tool.
  • If the user is prompted to sign in, his/her email address for Microsoft Office will need to be entered in the following format like "[email protected]," and the user's password is his/her Asda PC password. If the system asks to stay signed in, then select the "Yes" button.
  • Ensure the user ID is entered in the top corner; if not, log out and log in again.
  • Users have to provide two out of three details of information to verify who they are when it comes to password resetting in the future. Users can choose a mobile number, email address, or security questions.


  1. Choosing telephone number - select country code, enter the mobile number without the 0 in front, choose "text me"/"call me" to verify the number. You will get a six-digit code to complete the process.
  2. Choosing an email address - enter an email address, choose "email me" to verify the email address. You will receive a six-digit code to complete the process.