Angry emoji

Angry emoji definition

Angry emoji ? is designed with a yellow face, frowning eyes, and mouth and scrunched eyebrows downward in anger. There are various versions of angry emoji across different devices. Still, the idea is the same since the emoji conveys different degrees of rage, started from irritation and grumpiness to outrage and disgust. Besides, the angry emoji can also signify someone being mean or acting tough. For instance, the angry emoji may be used as a reaction to something unpleasant (but not terrible) like a broken coffee machine in the office, annoying heavy traffic, or being a symbol of disapproval of somebody's words actions.

There also excites quite a similar emoji with the same angry expression and a reddish face; frowning eyebrows scrunched and mouth with eyes. Another angry emoji bears the same expression as the angry face smiley on most devices and can transfer more intense degrees of hate, aggression, anger, or rage. The angry face emoji was approved in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0, and in 2015, it was added to the Emoji 1.0 code set.

How to use angry emoji in messages

This section will find some exciting emoji set combinations and phrases using the angry emoji and other symbols. For example:

  • This stupid machine is broken again! ?
  • It gets annoying ?
  • He gets on my nerves ?
  • It is so annoying ?
  • ? ? ? this emoji set resembles an enemy;
  • ⭐ ? ? ? meaning: Bernadette;
  • ? ? - meaning: game face.

What are angry emoji codes

If you want to type the angry emoji and to express emotions online via messages, you can look no further than your keyboard and type the following symbols like :@ which resembles a mad man's facial expression. These types of symbols are called emoticons that use punctuation and other similar marks to express emotion. However, emojis are more sophisticated icons and pictures with faces that express angry emotions. If you wish to let others know that you feel upset, angry about something, below, you will find a wide variation of angry emojis' and angry face emoticons' code point characters to insert.

  • Shortcode :angry:
  • Unicode point character U+1F620 (fully-qualified);
  • Hex code point character 1F620;
  • URL Escape sode character %F0%9F%98%A0.
  • HTML in dec code 😠
  • HTML in hex code 😠
  • CSS code point character \01F620
  • C, C++ & Python code \U0001f620
  • Java, JavaScript & JSON code point \uD83D\uDE20
  • Perl character \x{1F620}
  • PHP & Ruby code /u{1F620}
  • Punycode xn--b38h.

How to type angry emoji on an Android device

To access the angry emoji right on your Android device, you should have emoji enabled for your device's keyboard. See this below-listed short guide for further details on helping the angry emoji:

  • When you type with the Android Google keyboard, you should tap the smiley face directly in the bottom-right corner. Through this button, you will open the emoji keyboard;
  • Then, you must select the smiley face category to see all of the accessible emotion emojis;
  • Next, you should scroll to the left side or to the right to check all options. There will be several angry emoji options you can pick from;
  • Finally, except for inserting the angry emoji, you may type >:( and the Android system will automatically convert the sign to the angry emoji.

Angry emoji design across different platforms

Generally, emojis look quite different on each platform since emojis are designed according to each device manufacturer's preferences, vision, and style. For instance, Samsung has previously featured a new reddish face angry emoji symbol with wrinkled chin and clenched teeth. Later than that, Samsung had featured another new design of the angry emoji that featured a yellow face with the anger expression mark on its forehead.

Furthermore, Microsoft's design featured a yellow face emoji with a more hurt and anger expression. In most cases, the angry emoji looks like a somewhat lighter version of a pouting face emoji ? of the same provider. In Apple's version, the angry emoji is the same but of ? the yellow color instead of ? the reed. Through this color, Apple defines the meaning, in which the emoji is used to mean frustration, ? anger, and annoyance, but not extremely strong.