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About Ameriprise

Ameriprise Financial, Inc. is a diversified bank holding and financial services company, which is incorporated in Delaware and has headquarters at Ameriprise Financial Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Ameriprise Financial offers financial planning services and products, such as wealth management, annuities, asset management, insurance, and estate planning.

In 2019, more than 85 per cent of the company's revenues directly came from wealth management. The Amerprise's main subsidiaries consist of Ameriprise Financial Services, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, and RiverSource Life Insurance Company. It also includes the global asset management brand of its company, together with a provider of investments to retail and institutional clients. Ameriprise was previously operating as a division of American Express, which finished the corporate spin-off of the financial company back in September 2005.

The Ameriprise Financial services company is categorized as 245th on the Fortune 500. It was also included on the list of the largest banks throughout the United States. Besides, Ameriprise is ranked as the 9th largest independent broker-dealer companies that are based on assets right under management. The company tends to be one of the largest financial planning companies based in the U.S. and is also included within the 25 largest asset managers globally. Ameriprise is ranked in the 8th place in long-term mutual fund assets that operate in the United States, 4th in retail funds in the U.K., and was categorized in the 27th place in global assets under management.

How to login to Ameriprise com

If you already have an account at Ameriprise, then you can simply log into your account. You can follow these easy steps to log in to your portal:

Step 1 – Open your browser and type in the following domain name: www Ameriprise com, or copy and paste it into your web browser's search bar.

Step 2 – Once you open the website, navigate to the right side of your screen. On the right top side as well as below, you will easily recognize the Login section where you have to enter your account credentials.

Step 3 – Click either on the top-located Login button or simply start entering credentials in the below given one. First, you should enter your User ID.

Step 4 – Then enter your password.

Step 5 – This step is optional. You can tick the box “Remember my ID” if you want the site to save your credentials, so that next time you log in, the site will automatically redirect you to your account.

Step 6 – Once you fill out account information, click on the Login button and follow on-screen instructions.

How to register for online access on Ameriprise com

If you are a new user of Ameriprise Financial company services, you can create a new account. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Go to the official website at www Ameriprise com.

Step 2 – On the right side of your screen you will see the Login box, here you will see the "New user?" button. Click on that button.

Step 3 – Once you click on the "New User?" button, the site will immediately take you on a new web page. Here you will be asked to enter your details.

Step 4 – The registration process at Ameriprise com, includes 4 stages overall. In the first stage, you should enter your contact information to help the company verify your identity.

Step 5 – Enter your social security number, date of birth, and your last name as shown on your account statement. Then follow the rest of the steps as given on your screen.

*Note that to register on behalf of a trust or corporation, you should directly call Customer Service at no 800.862.7919 (working days/hours: Monday – Friday, from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. CT; weekends from 7 a.m. – to 7 p.m. CT).

How Ameriprise Financial operates

The Ameriprise Financial company specializes in retirement-related financial planning for well-off customers. The company provides variable annuities, together with life and disability insurance. The company also manages Ameriprise Bank, FSB which offers a wide selection of consumer lending and banking products, as well as related services and personal trust. Since 2015, the company's asset management arm works under the name of Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Ameriprise uses three leading brands for its businesses all in the United States, including Columbia Management, Ameriprise Financial, and RiverSource. The Threadneedle brand is particularly used for the company's international asset manager's products.

Furthermore, Ameriprise Financial Services company, retail distribution and financial planning subsidiary, is a registered investment adviser and registered broker-dealer. It has an integrated model of personalized and comprehensive financial planning, affiliated and unaffiliated distribution, and diversified product manufacturing via its network of registered representatives and financial advisors.

The retail services and products that use the Ameriprise Financial brand consists of those that the company offers by its affiliated advisors (such as financial planning, retail brokerage services, investment advisory accounts, and banking products; Also, those products and services that the company markets right to its consumers). RiverSource is another brand for the company's annuities products as well as for the protection products that are generally issued by the RiverSource Life companies, like life and disability income insurance products.