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About Amazon

Amazon is an American multinational technology company headquartered and based in Seattle, Washington. The company mainly focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is considered as one of the Big Five companies throughout the U.S. information technology industry, together with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. It has also been called "one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world", and was marked as the globe’s most valuable brand.

The domain website amazon com was attracted at least around 615 million visitors per year by 2008. By the beginning of 2016, more than 130 million customers were monthly visiting the United State’s site. Amazon heavily invested in a massive amount of server capacity for its site, mainly to cope with the excessive traffic during the Christmas holiday season. Considering Alexa Internet rankings, Amazon tends to be the 3rd trendiest websites in the U.S. and the 14th popular website in the world. The company's storefronts are localized and differ in prices, selection, and are differentiated by country code and top-level domain code.

Amazon Multi-Factor Authentication

Privacy and security of the customers' information is the main priority for Amazon. For Amazon to ensure that only the customer and authorized users obtained access to the customer's Amazon account, Amazon decided to ask several questions to complete an extra step when the user signs in. This step is called "Multi-factor authentication" which only happens when the user's sign-in activity looks different since the user cleared website cookies, or signs in from a new device, browser, or location.

Here you can view some steps the Amazon user may be asked to verify his/her sign-in:

  1. Provide a six-digit verification code that Amazon send you to the mobile phone number or the email address you have given on file with Amazon.
  2. Confirm your sign-in via an Amazon mobile application.
  3. To make sure you have received all these confirmation requests, you should ensure that your Amazon application notifications are set to on.
  4. You should answer a security question to verify yourself.

All of these few ways will take place on the mobile application or website of Amazon. Besides, Amazon can require you to confirm your identity if you decide to call Customer Service for support, but note that Amazon will never contact you first to receive information for your password, security question, or verification codes.

Be aware that if you have received a one-time code or Amazon sign-in notification that you did not request, then someone else can have access to your Amazon account password. In that case, Amazon recommends that you immediately reset your Amazon account password. Also, for suspicious activity check other online accounts, such as your email account and ensure to select a unique and strong password for each one of your accounts.

However, if you cannot sign in to your Amazon account as you don’t have access to the mobile phone number, email, or another device that Amazon has asked you to use to verify your identity and sign in, then you should contact Amazon Customer Service for assistance restoring access. For account security, you may consider setting up Two-Step Verification.

Amazon Two-Step Verification

Amazon Two-Step Verification is a function that adds a layer of safety and security to your Amazon account log-in. Whenever you decide to log in, Amazon Two-Step Verification immediately sends you a unique security amazon code and you should enter this code to gain access to your account. Once you sign up for Amazon Two-Step Verification, you may decide to receive the Amazon security code by voice call, text message, or authenticator application. However, note that you will have to enter both the amazon code and password to log in.

To enable Amazon Two-Step Verification:

  • In the “Your Account” section, click on Login & security.
  • Click Edit next to Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings.
  • Tap on the “Get Started” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

To disable Amazon Two-Step Verification:

  • In the “Your Account” section, choose Login & security.
  • Click on the Edit next to Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings.
  • Choose Disable next to Two-Step Verification.
  • Enter the amazon code generated via the authenticator application or sent it to your phone number.
  • Click on “Verify code”.

Amazon alternate sign in for Two-Step Verification

If you use Amazon Two-Step Verification and has enabled it on your Amazon account, you will have to enter an extra code to register a device. Some of the Amazon applications and devices do not display a separate page for the user to enable him/her to enter a unique security amazon code for Two-Step Verification. In that case, the user will still have to enter the security code together with a password. If your app or device does not show a separate page for you to enter the amazon security code, you will receive an error notification right after you submit your code and password, even if the amazon account password you entered was correct.

Login with Amazon Two-Step Verification on apps and devices:

  • Type sign-in information and click on submit.
  • You will immediately receive an error notification saying that your email address and password is incorrect.
  • Then, you will receive a security amazon code via text message, or you can generate the amazon code using the authenticator application.
  • Add the security code to the end of the Amazon account password on the app or device you are trying to register and click on submit again. For instance, if the password is “abcdef” and the security code Amazon send you is “12345”, then you need to enter “abcdef12345” in the password field.
  • Note that after that you will be signed in to your Amazon account.

If you are asked to register your app or device using a temporary password, you will have to first try to register with an amazon temporary password, then receive Amazon Two-Step Verification code, and only after that, you can add your Two-Step Verification code right to the end of the temporary password you received from Amazon.