Aiou degree tracking

What is the Aiou degree tracking tool?

Islamabad – Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has recently produced and introduced a new Aiou degree tracking system that enables all its students to check the status of their certificates and degrees online. The status of AIOUS students’ applications for provisional degrees and result cards may now be checked with the help of the newly installed website, which is “” The applications received right from the AIOU students are immediately acknowledged via the email and text message given by the students.

The new IT-based degree tracking mechanism was developed to minimize the communication and coordination gap between the applicants and the Examination Department. Earlier, the objections of the Aiou degree tracking tool raised by the department on the Aiou students’ applications were only communicated via the post. Hence, there were no available online tracking tools for those objections.

According to the official sources, the new AIOU university degree tracking system is easy to use, cost and time-effective, expediting the entire process of issuing the PCs and degrees to all the students. The AIOU has also recently introduced various initiatives to its departments and students to bring about qualitative improvement in the whole admission, delivery system, and examination, right under the policy-guideline given by the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Shahid Siddiqui.

How to log into for degree tracking

To use the Aiou degree tracking tool, you need to go directly to the AIOU university system's main homepage. Once you get on the AIOU web page, you will be required to log into the system to be allowed to use the Aiou degree tracking mechanism. However, to log into the AIOU student and faculty portal, the user must have the platform's account. Below you will find a step by step guide to logging in to the page successfully:

Step 1 – Once you open the homepage of the AIOU portal, you need to click on the “AIOU Degree Tracking System” button;

Step 2 – After that, go to the “Staff Login” section, in which you will have to provide some user details;

Step 3 – Then, you should enter the following information, such as the user’s username and the password;

Step 4 – You should tick any of these options, such as:

  • “Log me on automatically each visit”;
  • “Remember just my username”;
  • “No, thanks.”

Step 5 – Once filling in the required credentials and codes, you should click on the “Click here to log in” button.

How to view PC or Degree Application Status via AIOU degree tracking tool

To view PC or Degree Application Status through the AIOU portal, you first need to visit that platform's official website. Once doing so, you will immediately see two options on the screen, one is to click on the “Incomplete / Returned Applications” button, and another is “In Process Applications.” You should click the second button, and the system will redirect you to a new page, where you should enter the degree tracking ID or just a Roll Number. Then click the “View PC/Degree Application Status” button and follow the steps shown on the screen accordingly.

What to do when you forget Aiou degree tracking login password

Suppose that the user cannot remember its AIOU degree tracking login password, forgot, or remembers, but the system says that it’s incorrect. What to do on such occasions? In such cases, the user must click the “Forgot your password?” button, located under the Staff Login fields. Once the user clicks that button, the system will redirect her/his into another new page, where the user must type some details to reset the password.

The user should enter his/her valid email address and then enter the captcha text, which in the AIOU portal case are digits shown in the image. Once doing so, the user should press on the blue button, saying, “Send me a password reset link.” The users will receive an email notification and follow the instructions accordingly.