Aaghi.aiou.edu.pk login

AIOU general information

The Allama Iqbal Open University is the 4th largest institution and public university based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The AIOU has introduced an Aaghi LMS Portal created for students who are enrolled in AIOU University. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AIOU decided to add a new feature to its official web page. All the AIOUS students can now submit their assignments and worksheets quite quickly and ineffectively in two formats. The first one is an MS Word file and another PDF file.

Before the AIOU LMS platform, the AIOU students faced some obstacles and difficulties in sending the workshops, assignments by post, or other document mailing options, costly and too slow. That was one of the main reasons why the AIOU has quickly launched the AAGHI LMS PORTAL to uphold their main slogan and be proud that AIOU "students are our main quality." The university's vice-chancellor has taken many initiatives to enhance online and e-learning education since the e-learning approach is the most convenient form of education for all the students.

About aaghi.aiou.edu.pk login

To login to the aaghi.aiou.edu.pk portal, you should carefully read the following information. The AIOU, learning management system, is too easy to use for its students, lecturers, and tutors. The first thing that the student or tutor must log in is log in the right to the AAGHI LMS portal. Be wary that this section will be discussed to get the login and password of the LMS portal.

  • First of all, the user will see the section “My courses” where under that tab, the user can detect the currently enrolled courses listed up for him/her.
  • In the main menu, the user will see the “Site News,” where the user will be informed regarding all the latest announcements, events, and news related to his/her subjects.
  • At the left end, the user will also fin the menu bar of “Messages,” where he/she will get all the instructions from his/her tutor.

How to get an AIOU LMS portal username and password?

To log in to the AIOU LMS portal, first of all, the user needs to visit the official web page link of the university, that is aaghiinstance13950.aiou.edu.pk / login / index.php; Once doing so, the user must follow the below-listed step by step guide:

  1. The user should enter the registration number like @aiou.edu.pk (without spaces and dashes) in that field where it is shown like “Type your username.”
  1. The user should type his/her password; for instance, BR6740, the password would be communicated with the user through email or SMS directly from the concerned university’s administration department.
  1. As a result, the user should press the login button to see available courses. Note that in case of any problems or difficulties regarding AIOU LMS Aaghi Portal login or password, the user may contact the concerned Regional Office via their Emil address.

How to use the AIOU LMS portal?

Below you will find the vital information that can help you quickly find out which section serves. For instance:

E.g., 1: Enter the AIOU course.

When the user logs in to AAGHI LMS Portal, the 1st page is called the main home page. Right after pressing the tab "My Courses," the user can see all his/her subject materials, which are uploaded by the tutor or professor.

E.g., 2: Structure of AIOU courses.

Once the user is inside the course portal, he/she is enrolled in; He/she will immediately see various small blocks. There the user will find around two types of modules: Resources and Activities. Hence activities are the students' tasks by the tutor or professor, and resources are all the professor's study materials. As for "resources," they can be displayed in different formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, MS Word, videos, or Images.

E.g., 3: Get the latest announcements.

The "Announcements" tab has all the required latest news or announcements connected to the student's course posted by his/her teacher.