Aaghi lms portal aiou students manual

How to access the Aaghi LMS portal?

In order to access the Aaghi LMS, i.e., Learning Management System portal, AIOU has recently updated the system and provided the AIOU students manual guide, which describes how to uses the system and how to log in to the www aaghi.aiou.edu.pk official website, which is the URL of the newly launched LMS portal. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step AIOU students manual guide, which will help you log in to your profile with ease to avoid any probable technical difficulties.

Step 1 – First of all, you will have to type the official website address, i.e., www aaghi.aiou.edu.pk, right in the browser's address search engine bar. A web page will be automatically opened once you enter the site and click on the "Enter" keypad on your PC's or other device's keyboard. As shown in the image above, you will be automatically redirected to the Aaghi LMS portal's main homepage. After that, you must click on the "Log In" button located in the screen's right top corner.

Step 2 – After clicking on the "Log In" button, a new page will appear and require you as an AIOU student to log-in and enter the account's credentials once the particular fields appear on the screen (as shown in the image above). Here, you are requested to enter your personal account's username and password. Note that if you are trying to log in on first-time use on a new LMS system, then the format for your account's username and password will be as follows:

  • Username – the registration number @aiou.edu.pk; For example, 17PRI869 @aiou Edu pk (Be wary that the AIOU students registration number must be in upper case without any space or additional character).
  • Password – The roll number. For instance, BR6740 (Be wary that your account's password is your so-called roll number must be written in uppercase and without any space or additional character).

Step 3 – Once you complete the “Log in” session for the first time, then you will be prompt to change the LMS account password as follows. In that section, you will be required to change your password. Do not forget to remember it.

Step 4 – After you complete step 3, you will need to click on the "Continue" button.

Step 5 – Then, you must hover your PC's mouse cursor directly to the right top corner. Soon, a drop-down menu will appear, as shown in the image above. You will need to click on the "edit profile" button located in the right corner.

Step 6 – As an AIOU student, you will be requested to update your email address and enter a valid email address. It is essential to receive notification alerts and other types of communications. You must press the "Update Profile" button located right at the end of the page to save newly created changes.

Step 7 – After that, you should click on the “dashboard” tab in order to access your Aaghi LMS portal courses.

Step 8 – By clicking on any Aaghi LMS portal course, the following window will appear (shown in the above image). Note that there are two major sections. The first one is the general section while the second one is week wise division of the main course.

How to submit a final paper in the Aaghi LMS portal?

In this section, you will get information about instructions on how to submit a final paper in the Aaghi LMS portal with the AIOUS student's manual guide.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – First of all, you will need to log on to the Aaghu LMS portal (at www aaghi.aiou.edu.pk website). Then, click on the "Log In" button and use your account's username and password, sent by AIOU through SMS notification.

Step 2 – Then, you will need to hover your PC’s mouse cursor right on the “My Courses” link, and then you will have to select your course.

Step 3 – Next, you must click on the “Assignment” link.

Step 4 – The following page will be automatically displayed. Press on the “Add Submissions” button.

Step 5 – The following page will be automatically displayed. Hit on the “File” icon as shown in the image above.

Step 6 – A new window will immediately pop up, as shown in the image above. Here, you will have to click on the "Upload a File" button and then on the "Browse" section to browse your assignment file. Finally, you need to press the "Upload this file" button. Also, note that assignments are approved only in PDF and MS Word formats. Any handwritten projects and papers may be scanned using professional scanners or even mobile phone scanner apps but be wary that file sizes should not be more than 5 MB. If the file size exceeds the limits, then try to use the optimum resolution for images.

Step 7 – Click on the “Save Changes” button. Finally, a submission status page will appear where you will be able to edit your submitted paper until the deadline.