Yolikers Facebook auto liker auto reactions auto like comment Fb

What is Yolikers

Yolikers is a top free Facebook auto liker that instantly offers instant, free auto Likes, auto followers, auto reactions, auto comments, and fan page likes to all of its users. It is a free Facebook exchange website that works mainly on “Facebook Graph API.” The auto liker offers a system of the Yolikers provides an unlimited number of Facebook auto likes right on the users’ photos, posts, videos, and other content.

What does the Yoliker auto liker tool provide?

Yolikers offers active users. The auto liker tool offers around 200 active likes per submit, and a maximum of up to 10 thousand Facebook likes each day. Besides, the Yoliker auto liker is s spam free tool. That auto liker tool is 100 percent trusted, verified, and safe. Yoliker does not auto post from those users who access tokens. Also, this auto liker tool does not sell Facebook likes and neither exchange tokens. Moreover, the Yoliker tool has 100 percent guaranteed working tools that provide the instant service each user selects. Users can access the Yoliker tool's tutorials if they have any problem regarding the web page's usage and its services.

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How to get a Yoliker access token?

In order to get the Yoliker auto liker access token, you will need to visit the official web page of Yoliker, which can be accessed through the following web address: "yolikers.com." You should find and then click on the "Get Token" button on the main home page. After that, you should use your Facebook account's username, personal and valid email, and your private password. Once you complete these sections, go ahead and click on the "Generate Token" button. You will now get an access token of the liker tool. Follow the rest of the steps and instructions shown on your computer or mobile device screen.

Why is user ID blocked while generating a Token?

People often question why their user ID gets blocked while generating a Yoliker access token. The answer is that this blockage is caused due to the recent update operations done in Facebook "GRAPH API." As it is known, Facebook is now giving some so-called "Silly Warnings" to most Yoliker auto liker users, but the Toliker encourages its users to ignore these types of warnings and click on the "This Was Me" option. That Facebook warning comes right when the user uses the auto liker tool for the first time or even when the user uses different electronic devices to generate Yoliker Token. From next time the user can directly create the token.

Do users store their information on Yoliker?

Yoliker announces that it does not store any of its users' details and information such as emails, usernames, passwords, profile information, messages, or anything else. Yoliker uses the "Access Token" to fetch all its users' post and quickly display it to use them without any problem and gain a better User Interface (UI).

Is it safe and secure to use the Yoliker Auto Liker tool?

As mentioned earlier, Yoliker is, as its official website announces, is 100 percent secure, trusted, and safe portal to be used by various users from different countries. People are using this auto liker tool since 2013. However, because of some updates on GRAPH API, Yoliker had to shut down its official web page. The website is currently ready to be used anytime and offers its services to gain more and more likes, comments, reactions, and followers.