9now com au activate

What is 9now

A 9Now com au is a video on demand and a catch-up TV service which is managed by the Nine Network based in Australia. The 9now service was initially launched on January 27, back in 2016. It is noteworthy to mention that the newly founded 9now program soon replaced the Nine's service known as "9Jumpin". The 9Now app provides online live streaming of 9Rush, Channel 9, 9Go! 9Gem, and 9Life, together with live news through 9news com au official website.

How to log into the program and activate 9now com au when using a computer or laptop

To log into the program and activate 9now com when you are using a computer or laptop, you must know how to start the process. Here are some steps to follow:

Step 1 – When you play the 9now app on your computer or a laptop on the homepage of this program, in the top line of the page and the right corner in front of the search logo, you will see an inscription about "Log In" – "Connect Your TV." Here, you will need to click on this button to activate 9now app on your computer or laptop.

Step 2 – After completing step 1, the app 9now you will see 2 options, namely "Log in to your Nine Account" and the other that offers you to "Create a Nine Account." Here, you choose the option which you need most. Under these two options, there is information about activation. Once you have logged in or created an account, you will then be asked to enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen.

Step 3 – Then, you will have to Launch the 9Now TV program right on your TV. To do so, you must select a Live TV or an episode of a show you would like to watch, or a channel you are interested in. After this step, the login section window will appear on your screen. There, you should select the "Log in" button to watch your chosen one (channel or Tv Show or live).

Step 4 – After completing step 3, you will see additional 2 options for activation TV program 9now. If you are activating the program right with your computer, then you must enter the six-digit code as shown on your TV screen. As shown on the image above, and then click the "Continue" button written inside a blue rectangle.

Step 5 – After clicking the Continue button, you will immediately receive a message: "Hang Tight, your code is being submitted," here, you must wait for a maximum of up to 30 seconds for activation of the app 9now com au into your TV, and the TV show or live TV, or any channel which you have chosen in step 3, which will start playing soon.

How to activate 9now com au via phone or tablet

The below steps will help to quickly activate the 9now com au program on your TV if you are using a mobile phone device or a tablet. Follow the instructions and step by step guide listed below.

Step 1 – If you want to activate the 9Now com au program with the help of your mobile phone or tablet, then you should open the app 9now on the device you want to log in and then tap on the "Menu" button, which looks like 3 horizontal lines. You will see the menu symbol on the above image, displayed inside the yellow squared line.

Step 2 – After you click on the menu symbol, which is located right on the top line in the left corner of the screen, there will immediately appear various offers about the program and app. For example, app settings, live TV, TV shows, categories, help, login, etc. In this list, you will see the inscription – "Connect Your TV." As shown in the above picture marked with a yellow lined square. You should click on it.

Step 3 – After choosing the "Connect Your TV" display of the 9Now TV program, you must select the TV show you would like to watch or live TV or channel you would like to see. A login section window will soon appear, where you will need to click on the "Log In" button.

Step 4 – Once you complete step 3 and click on the "login" button, you will immediately see an activation window. There are shown two variations that are written right inside the blue circles with the digit entry codes in the first case if you should activate the 9Now app with a mobile phone or tablet, and the second one, you can activate the program via your computer or laptop. Accordingly, in case of using your phone/tablet, you must select the first option, enter the six-digit code to activate the 9now app.

Step 5 – Now, you must press the "Continue" button. You will soon receive a message: "Hang Tight, your code is being submitted." Then you should wait for no more than 30 seconds for your TV to be activated. After that, you will be enabled to start playing the chosen show, favorite channel, or live TV that you chose in step 3.

Be informed that you do not need to repeat these steps each time when you decide to watch the 9now shows. It only will be required to repeat when the app will be updated or if the 9Now app will be inactive for more than 90 days.