100 emoji

100 emoji meaning

The 100 emoji depicted ? is mainly used in digital communication to emphasize or express support, achievement, approval, and motivation. The 100 emoji also has a general meaning of "keep it 100" (that means keep it real) and "absolutely." The 100 emoji design looks like a written number one-hundred in red and is underlined below twice for more emphasis.

As the number hundred is the symbolic number, the 100 emoji is initially used in any sense the number itself is used — for example, from the emoji's direct meaning of the amount of something (to mark and indicate passing the important 100-milestone) to the 100% (in the sense of guarantee and approval). Besides, the 100 emoji suggests an extremely positive evaluation of something (for example, something that deserves 100 points out of 10).

Generally, the 100 emoji originated right from the number hundred (100) written on a paper or school exam to indicate a perfect score of someone who got 100 out of 100. For instance, school teachers in Japan often use a stamp in addition to the 100 marks to indicate that a student has performed exceptionally well. The 100 emoji is widely used as a shorthand for 100%. Moreover, the hundred points emoji may be used to express an idea or pride's general acceptance.

Where does 100 emoji come from

Officially called the "Hundred Points," 100 emoji widely goes by Perfect Score, 100, and Keep it 100. In 2010, the 100 emoji was initially introduced in Unicode 6.0. The 100 emoji originates directly from teachers' use of 100, as mentioned above. Teachers frequently use stamped or written 100 scores in red ink to indicate students' perfect score on his/her assignment. Hence, "Keep it 100" became a slang phrase, apparently right from the use of one-hundred percent indicating "absolutely" and "perfect," and by extension "real" and "authentic." The 100 emoji is often used in place of or beside the phrase "keep it 100" and "keep it real."

How to type 100 emoji

A hundred points, i.e., 100 emoji, were approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 right under the name of "Hundred points symbol," Later, in 2015, the sign was added Emoji 1.0 code set. Below you can see a shortlist of 100 emoji code point characters and encodings that you may find helpful to type or insert 100 emoji. See below:

  • HTML in decimal uses code 💯
  • HTML in hex uses code 💯
  • CSS uses code \01F4AF
  • C, C++, and Python use code \U0001f4af
  • Java, JavaScript, and JSON use code \uD83D\uDCAF
  • Perl uses code \x{1F4AF}
  • PHP and Ruby use code \u{1F4AF}
  • Punycode use code xn--rs8h
  • Shortcode is 100:
  • URL Escape Code is %F0%9F%92%AF.

How to use 100 emoji

In this part, you can look at various examples, phrases, and emoji set combinations that you may find helpful to use the 100 emoji in a real context. Besides, with the use of some of the below-listed emoji combinations, you will become better able to make riddles and chat with your friends or family without writing a single word. For instance:

You have to work hard for what you want in life ?;

I want to see my whole team eat ? ??;

They don't want to see you at your greatest ? ?;

I guarantee this is true! ?;

This deserves ? points out of 10;

? ? ? - meaning: Pitch perfect;

? ? ? - meaning: A million colors;

? ♨️ - meaning: Boiling water;

? ✨ - It is a success!;

? ✨ ? - 100 percent magic;

? ?? ? ?? - 100 years ago;

100 emoji across different platforms

In this section, you can check out how the ? hundred points emoji looks like on the most popular devices and platforms. Generally, emoji sets look different across different platforms. Each web service, gadget, OS, or platform manufacturer creates each emoji's design according to their corporate style, preferences, and vision. In Snapchat, for example, the 100 emoji appears right next to a fire emoji, meaning a 100-day Snapstreak.